The Human Brain functions like the Universe

We tend to discredit the potential of our mind. I’ve heard some people say its, “mind over matter”. Well what exactly does that mean?

Human Brain

Thoughts can physically influence events. What we believe is possible or impossible, becomes our reality. If you tell yourself you aren’t good at something, then it becomes true in your life. When I, Kayla Lee, was a child, I told myself I hated writing and was never good at it; I suffered as a child and was placed into special classes for those who struggled. I met a teacher later in my youth who forever changed my perception. One day, as class was finishing up we began talking and he told me he was quite impressed with my creative writing abilities. At this point, I had no clue I even had such abilities. What he did that day, challenged me by altering my perception and belief of my own abilities.

Epic Victory: I went from receiving low satisfactory grades in English to receiving outstanding grades; grades so beyond my peers that I was given the opportunity in 9th grade to take English classes at a local college. He also instilled the seed, that would later turn into a future career.

Our mind is so powerful, it can affect and influence in ways that were previously unforeseen or things we believe to be impossible. Allowing us (with belief) to accomplish things our mind only knows are possible. Our subconscious is smarter and more powerful than we are; therefore, we must tackle the exceptionally bad habits of what I like to call, destructive thinking.

Our mind is constantly working every day, each task we participate in with diligence. We take in every sensory input of color and movement, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without breaks. During sleep mode our body is preserving information and storing the information for use in the future.

So with all the moments we have, a moment of peace and medication is very helpful to our overall health. Having the space to think, is a genuine luxury and vitally important if we want to be creative in any job. We must all take into account the importance of maintaining our brain.

Your Brain at Work – 4 Important Life Changing Regimen’s

The following 4 Regimens are important and scientifically proven to help improve your mind and overall body health:

1. An Exercise Regimen
In recent findings, scientific evidence has shown that exercise is important and essential in promoting the growth of brain cells and healthy nerve connections.

2. Blueberry Regimen
You say what? Yes, science has proven that eating blueberries triggers brain cell growth. Scientists put 19-month-old rats on a blueberry enriched diet (equal to a human portion of almost 1 cup) of blueberries a day. They found that the rats who were fed the diet of enriched blueberries were more successful in navigating through mazes. Scientists injected dye into the rats, to track the growth of neurons. They saw that new brain cells were being generated in the hippocampus region. Scientists discovered that the dark bluish dye found in the blueberries was causing the neurogenesis. Blood-brain barrier’s were produced by the anthocyanin-dye; which, produced the growth of neurons. This is evidence that the “anthocyanin dye” can have the same effect on a human brain.

3. “The Act of Learning” Regimen
In recent animal studies, scientists found that the more an animal learned, the more new neurons were able to survive in the hippocampus. Learning can increase the presence of new brain neurons. Brain cells in the hippocampus, that normally die off, are “saved” by “learning” experiences. For avid readers, this is great news! So keep your brain actively engaged in learning and you will boost your brain’s power!

4. Meditation Regimen
Scientific researchers at Yale, Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered that meditation can allow us to “grow bigger brains.” Meditation, has shown to boost the birth rate of neurons. Researchers found that an altered-physical brain structure occurred in those who meditated, compared to those who were non-meditators. Brain scanning technologies found that meditation increased brain thickness, in the areas of the brain that deals with attention, sensory input, and memory functions. This is interesting, because science has shown that our brain tends to become thinner with age. Meditation boosts brain activity, improves brain wave performance, strengthens neural connections, and thickens gray matter.

Meditation can be achieved in several different ways. I prefer Meditation Technology and am able to experience deeper relaxation. This program has helped me reduce stress relief, increase my creativity when writing and ease the stress of getting tedious projects completed.

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Remember to take time out for your Regimen’s and keep thinking positive!

And when you do, you will have the power to be prosperous and victorious in your life.

Live Victoriously!


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