Gabriel Muniz playing on the soccer field while training with Spanish Club Barcelona.

Brazilian Gabriel Muniz with Spanish Club Barcelona

Brazilian Gabriel Muniz with Spanish Club Barcelona.

Here is the story:
11-year-old, Gabriel Muniz from Rio De Janeiro Brazil was born with no feet and doesn’t let it get in the way of his dreams. No challenges is too big for Muniz; as demonstrated through his great perseverance and skill. The new wonderkid of football soccer is a prodigy. His awesome soccer skills is gaining attention of more than just his fellow classmates.

While playing soccer in his home town, Spanish club’s Barcelona talent scouts saw Muniz out kicking the ball and considered his talent ‘amazing’. In September, he met his favorite soccer prodigy Lionel Messi and began training at the Barcelona Academy with the club.

Muniz is the best player in his school soccer team and the captain of his gym team. Muniz has beat the odds and as Gabriel’s gym teacher Jose Lopes said, “He is challenging the social norms. When he arrived here (at the Barcelona academy), no one believed in him.”

Muniz dreams of becoming a professional soccer player in the Paralympics.

Muniz is an example of overcoming and willpower. At only 11 years old, he is proving to Brazilian soccer and to the world to not let your limitations stop you from chasing your dreams. Be looking for this child prodigy soccer star soon at the Paralympic games.

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