Field of Dreams

Too often we underestimate the power of hope. Holding bitterness will eat at the very essence of your being, drain you and limit your life potential and take years from you. Hope brings peace and prosperous living!

I say this with experience, as I lost my identity when I was hurt by another. I put hate in my heart and began to not trust the world. It stole 6 years of my life. I was scared and held bitterness in my heart. It wasn’t until I found my warrior heart – a heart that forgives, a heart that finds compassion, a heart that hopes that I finally began to live again. Upon receiving my warrior heart, I finally broke free from the chains that bound me. When my chains were dropped, I was finally able to love and trust. I began to see life differently and began receiving life’s gifts and was blessed with prosperity. It’s been a rough road toward finding hope, but I know you can do be warrior too!

“Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your going to get,” many can remember this quote from the movie Forest Gump (played by Tom Hanks). When I think of this statement, it evokes both positive and negative memories to be reflected upon (just as it did for Forest Gump in the movie). Life is hard and it is often full of twists and turns that are unexpected. When life brings challenges, it’s often hard to expect the best out of any outcome. When positive comes, we embrace it like it is normal and should be expected.

We are not guaranteed anything in life. The only guarantee is one more day, but even then it comes with some limitations and no guarantee that it will turn out for the best. Life is full of choices and decisions; that is part of growing.

When we have NO hope, a blanket of darkness can follow and settle in. We become bitter, hate the world, feel that life isn’t fair and we can often grow toward self-hatred. In the midst of the darkness, stand against the negativity, be a warrior and choose to not get suffocated by your fears and lack of hope. Ask the question, “what positive things can I desire each day with anticipation?” Cherish your answers, for this builds hope. When you look forward to life with desire and confidence, you open the universe to bring its wonderful gifts.

The past is the past, for a reason. The present is a gift that you open up each day. Each day, grows together to become the future. We all have a choice to make. We are here on this earth to learn. Freedom comes from releasing the feelings and finding forgiveness for the wrong-doings that you have done or anyone else has done to you.

Sometimes we get used to the feelings that come from being bitter and jaded. In times like these, you can often begin to believe that it will always be this way; but I tell you it doesn’t have to be! In life there will always be – heartbreak and healing, laughing and crying, birth and dying, healing and growing. Only you can make the choice to change, only you can open your heart up to accept hope; though, I tell you…it is worth the fight toward change!

We each have the capacity to generate hope. Overcome your fear and know that it is in your control to become more hopeful.


Earthy life direction - hope in the making

Earthy life direction – hope in the making.

To help you with your new life toward HOPE I will give you my secret formula:

  • 1st you have to forgive. Not necessarily forget, but just be aware, so the negative patterns don’t continue.Forgiveness will help you to heal and open your heart up to hope!
  • Create new positive memories. This is important for you to continue your growth. It will put the past behind you and make the pain seem further away.
  • Be kind to yourself. Take care of your basic needs and read inspirational literature. Give yourself permission to reward yourself in the joys of life. Take a walk, listen to quiet music or meditate on the good around.
  • Connect with your soul. This can be done by laying in bed and quietly breathing. Focus on your breaths and with each breath focus on the way your body moves. Try to listen for your heartbeat. Take your mind from your heart to your room. Then, just listen for sounds in the house. From the house, then move your listening ears to the outside. Listen for the sounds outside that you can hear. Finally, bring it back to heart center. Begin to meditate on the good around you – the love, the laughter, the wonderful memories shared. Allow yourself to feel the love!
  • Take a break and offer thanks to the world for a given time (15-30 minutes, up to 3 times a day) let the earth be a touchstone of hope. Give thanks to the world for sharing the sun that lights your path, the sky for its immaculate art display, the rain to bring fresh air to breath and the plants that offer beauty. We share this planet with so many amazing things, people and objects; meditate on those and offer thanks!
  • Limit your intake of negativity or take a break from the television/radio.Know your limits. It’s important to focus your time on the positive. Don’t watch negative television, radio or movies. If you hear yelling or have upset – leave or find a quiet place! Over-stimulation of these things can be detrimental to your emotional health and your healing.
  • Believe & treat each day as a Gift.Look for things and people to appreciate. If today was the last day of your life, how would you want to live it? Reflect on this question daily and it will help you to to move past the negative thinking.
  • Express Love Freely – Give generously your time, acts of kindness, words, hugs, notes and treat others as you wish to be treated. This will add positive energy to your life and help to change other people’s lives through you. Be a giver and receiver of Love each day!
  • Positive affirmations – Tell yourself each day: “I am hopeful and am the key to goodness and love around me.” Believe in yourself, your abilities and don’t give in to fear or hatred. Wash your hands clean of the negativity and focus your energies on creating peace around you. Hope comes from within. Live hope into your actions and words!
  • Dream – When I say dream, I mean make plans for the future by setting goals. For each goal, mark stepping-stones that will get one step closer to the goal. This might be large turning points to look for. For instance, you want to get a scholarship, but you have to pass an important test. The important test would be the stepping stone toward the big scholarship; so if you pass the test, reward yourself for your hard work. Whether your goals are big or small, this will allow the mind to look forward to the future. This will open you up to hope. Hope comes from achieving the small steps of progress toward the ultimate goal in mind. Reward yourself for achieving progress. Set aside your extra change into a reward jar or put money into a savings account and reward yourself for making progress.
  • Random acts of kindness – Reach out beyond yourself and make a difference in the lives of others. By being there for someone in need we add hope to the world. Our gestures of care and compassion will transform our lives and those around us. We are the source of transformation and knowing this gives hope!

It’s a lack of faith that makes people not have hope and makes them afraid. Faith and belief in oneself is can help you or hinder you. The choice is yours! Meet your challenges today and be a victorious warrior!