Summer Rock Camp


Epic Victory: 15-year-old, Mariah Romero, writes song’s to help overcome bullying. Seeking to express her feelings from the mean comments and cruel actions of peers, Mariah began pouring out her feelings into words on paper. Those words led to her writing the ballad “Sometimes.” The Santa Fe High School teen, performed the song live with her band ICU, while taking part in the Summer Rock Camp 2011. The Summer Rock Camp is considered an learning environment for children to get a hands-on experience in music. Participants form a band, learn new songs, how to write them, record a CD, and they get to perform live at a concert. The events are sponsored by The Candyman Strings & Things store in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Candyman Rock ConcertHere is the story:

Even after Mariah was no longer being bullied by her peers, she said it hurts seeing others receiving the same kind of treatment at school. She continues to step up, so others can hear her message. Her song focused on her overcoming feelings of depression and lack of self-worth. Her music has been liberating to her, as she credits her music saying, “I wouldn’t have made it through the tough times without it.”

In a statement, Mariah expressed that she feels that today’s teens face a lot of pressures and problems, she states, “There’s easy access to drugs; I know a lot of kids whose parents do drugs or sell drugs and that influences their choices.” She believes that teens aren’t always successful in having their voices heard by adults. Mariah is loud and clear in her message through music.

Her parents agree that music has helped her. Her father, Alfred said, “Music is in her”. Her family still has old videos of Mariah singing and dancing as a toddler. At 3-years-old Mariah was showing that music a part of her life. She began playing the violin as a child. After Mariah’s brother, James, received a gift of a guitar from his grandparents, he taught her how to play the guitar and she got hooked.

Mariah wrote the response song to “Sometimes”, titled “She Will Not Bend,” during the 2012 Summer Rock Camp. Mariah has participated in two bands, ICU and her most recent formation of the band, Black Jett 77. Black Jet 77 plays a mixture of her music and cover songs. Mariah’s favorite cover tune is Joan Jett’s old hit “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.” She credits the insertion of the name of her band to her favorite rocker Joan Jett. She is passionate about her outlet stating, “I’m going to play music for the rest of my life, whether it’s professional or as a hobby,” she continues, “my father is right. It’s in me. It’s who I’ve become.”

Just like Mariah, we can step up too and be heard. It takes a special person with a story, a clear message and a way to deliver it. No matter what life gives you, you have the keys to turn it around and make a difference. It takes one special person to stand tall and be heard! You can be that person.

Live Victoriously!



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