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Changing season’s marks a time when we could let go of things we no long need in our life: stuff, unhealthy relationships and emotions that may be weighing you down; such as anger, regret or anxiety. It’s time for the old stuff to go and welcome new blessings to come into our lives. In this new season, we must fight for our ability to reach our highest potential, love and appreciate our inner being and embrace who we are. Were there is silence, there is often ‘shame’ or ‘wrong’ feelings…

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7-year-old, Callie Starts Coffee Company to Help Others

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  8-year-old, Callie Lentz, is finding her purpose after witnessing the tragedy of her friend Ben Towne. At the age of 2, Ben was diagnosed with a form of pediatric cancer called neuroblastoma. Like most girls, she opened up a lemonade stand to raise money for toys and clothes for the Towne family. When Ben was sick, Callie and her family would often bring food to the family. Although Callie was a very small child during Ben’s year and a half struggle, Callie understood. Ben died a year later at…

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