Life does not happen to you, it happens for you! – Jim Carrey s Best Speech Ever

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Recently, Jim Carrey presented an inspirational speech to 2014 graduates from Maharishi University of Management. Carrey’s speech was delivered to hundreds, bringing both laughter and tears. His passion for art, self discovery and life purpose brought enlightenment. During his speech he reminds others to move forward in life with great enthusiasm and reminds others that we are a part of a larger self. “I used to think Jim Carrey is all that I was. Just a flickering light, a dancing shadow. The great nothing masquerading in something you can name….

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#iam – Inspiring Our World

Creating Victories, Opportunity Victories, Overcoming Victories

#iam – Inspiring Our World through encouragement and uplifting words! The world is full of amazing people who have fought (or are currently fighting) adversity – “I am” signifies the strength and power that comes from within; while, redefining one’s weaknesses with words of hope. World change starts within each person, then magnifies to others and throughout communities – creating harmony, positive thinking and victorious living throughout the world. Leaving one remarkable mission: To change the world!   This video seeks to demonstrate the power in words, shows strength in…

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