Surfer Extraordinaire: Derek RabeloFeatured

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Born with congenital glaucoma, 21-year-old Brazilian surfer, Derek Rabelo, stands in victory. Nothing stops this young surfer from riding high tides and big waves. At the age of 3 years old, he took up the sport in his small town of Guarapari, Brazil. Despite being blind, he participated in many other recreational activities; swimming, skateboarding and riding bikes. Recently though, Rabelo has become recognized globally in the surf community. Last winter, Rabelo traveled to the North Shore of Oahu, to surf Pipeline. His amazing journey and achievements are shown in…

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According to the World Health Organization, low birth weight occurs when a child is born weighing less than 5.5 pounds. This is having global impacts where nearly 20-million infants, or about 23.8 percent of all births, are born each year at a low birth weight. Pre-term birth is the world’s largest killer of babies, resulting in 1-million deaths each year worldwide. 95-percent of low birth weight babies are born in developing countries, yet 75-percent could have been saved with the use of high technology care — that many developing countries…

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Surfer Extraordinaire: Derek Rabelo
September 30, 2013