The world around us gives inspiration. It is worthy of celebration. People who are in our lives are there to teach us something, as we live together in harmony, in our big world.

We are in Harmony

An exquisite delight, the world around us is a beautiful sight. Learning is our objective, while we embrace the earth with love and joy. Our wonderful senses; sight, hearing, smell and taste. There is so much to love, so much to be thankful for; it’s important to delight in the beauty of nature.

We are here on this earth not forever, but only a given time; we have to embrace all that life gives to us. The lessons, the triumph, even the hardship. Learning is inevitable and is a part of growing wisdom. Friendship shared with others brings community and harmony that comforts the soul. Sharing feelings and memories helps build personal experience. The memories and aspirations we share with others paints our life and offer shades of color.

Why – you may ask is the importance of this experience? I believe it is to love and be loved, the heart of every experience.

I challenge you to delight in simplicity. See the beauty around you, love like you have never loved before, listen to the sounds of nature, delight in the pleasantries in life.

Gain a hunger for experiencing the world every minute, with a humoured appetite for experiencing the shades of paint and displays of beauty.