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Do not Let Stress Beat You Too It – Ways to Find Joy Again…

Spring time is here and as I peer out the window it is easy to begin to admire the beauty around. The bright blue sky, coupled with the incoming songs from nature and the occasional visit from brightly colored objects that capture life’s splendor. It’s hard to image that among the beauty in the world, there is also something that can often fog our perspective – stress. It wasn’t until I became overwhelmed by the mundane schedule, that turned into long laundry lists of things-to-do, transcending into the overwhelming feeling that life just wasn’t going to let up off the gas pedal even slightly for me to take in all my passions and love for the world around me; ultimately allowing me to embrace the greatest of all gifts, “my talents”.

With the occasional fogged perspective, it was easy for the negative emotions and words to fester. Words that follow in sentences telling myself that I was not capable of achieving the things that I wanted to do and goals that I wished to reach, these were beginning to become fogged perspectives that always end in self-catastrophe. Activities that I once participated in seemed daunting and took longer than usual to achieve because of false perspectives and complete exhaustion. I wondered if anyone could relate – as my world seemed to have gone into PC mode on auto command. Doing things just to get them done and not thinking about it; because the tasks I truly wanted to get done were placed on the back burner and I hoped that somehow a glimmer of hope lay in the near distance for me to just have enough time to accomplish EVERYTHING. This is when I began to question whether mid-life crisis’ can happen at any stage and age in life?!

As 24-hours in one days isn’t enough, it’s easy to wish for 48-hour days. Countless hours that may seem to be wasted in a world that is in automatic mode. It wasn’t until I began to talk to many of my friends and realized that this problem isn’t just my own – its an epidemic. With the advent of computer technology and technology having no meter or understanding of time – we begin to operate our lives in this false perspective of time; forcing our lives into superman mode, hoping that things are done all with the push of a button. It’s easy to say that as empty as the computer box is, so we often become too. A place where time has no end and no beginning, no law, no ethical duty to serve other than filling our lives with data, distance and unneeded messages. From spam, to pop-ups, to digital commercials, these are just a few of the daily congestion that fill our minds.

Today’s social stream consists of copy and paste, like it from a distance and share it with a brief thought. No more face-to-face with a handshake, it’s all through the inter(non)active experience from a distance. Just when we think that the social experience isn’t enough, then comes the selfies and the added + experience, with added like’s and concern’s worthy of a hashtag’s. It has grown to an unfortunate place where people post like they are back in junior high – things like, ‘unfollow’ people that don’t like this because their views aren’t like yours and identifying yourself with silly game self-assessments. We must begin to identify ourselves outside of the interactive experience – the experience begins with personal human sense’s; for instance, what you can touch, feel, smell, see and hear.

If only control-alt-delete were an option and you could hit pause and enjoy the best in life; oh what a life that would be!

Just when you think that it is not possible – it truly is; but it does take some practice and patience. The cyclone effect doesn’t have to be a part of your mindset nor get in the way of accomplishing things.

As I began to search for solutions to the common life cyclone, aka mid (anytime-in) life crisis – I was forced to confront the one thing that I often overlooked – What brought joy to my heart while I was in my adolescent stage of life? For 15 days I made journal entries surrounding childhood joy. By the way, journal’s are a great healing tool. I have found that writing down my feelings is a great tool to help release the anxiety, find I am and even work through solutions to life’s problems.

Here are some ideas to help you find your joy again.

Here are some ideas:

– Go on a walk

– Join a Yoga class

– Paint

– Complete a home decorating project

– Read a book outside

– Have a picnic (authentic picnic basket preferred with homemade sandwiches)

– Ride your bike to get ice cream

By finding your joy will help you reconnect with yourself again. Brain activity will begin bouncing again and you my begin to feel recharged. By experiencing things again, I found out why I enjoyed volunteering so much, why I enjoyed drawing when I was young and found my therapy through writing – sharing my experiences to help other people, it not only gives me hope, but others too.

So pick up your old fashioned pencil, get a journal and begin to write for joy and self-discovery. You should be excited to see what is unleashed by the power of your words.

Lets embrace life together!

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