Conversation struggles and ways to improve communication skills

Developing effective communication skills is an important step toward achieving victory. Conversation skills is an important quality to have when attempting to achieve epic victories, working with others or meeting new people. Overcoming your fears and developing effective communication skills, is important for a healthy vibrant life. Life is meant to be shared and celebrated with others; not for being alone and afraid.

As a professional, I have observed shyness as an issue in both professional and personal lives of many of those whom I have had the pleasure to meet. I have battled with the fear and anxiety of conveying ideas and selling people on “why my topic matters”. When achieving any big objective in life, we must communicate. I want to help you overcome these barriers, so you can live life successfully and abundantly.

Building Effective Communication Skills is an Important Step Toward Achieving Victory

Building Effective Communication Skills is an Important Step Toward Achieving Victory

When communicating with others, it’s important to start from the beginning and understand ways to set the foundation for conveying our ideas, wants and desires.

Tip 1: The most important thing to consider when communicating and what I will call the Golden Rule, is to *Be Friendly. Being friendly includes coming across as a relaxed and sociable person who enjoys conversation. It’s important to develop a friendly vibe through working on non-verbal communication. It’s important to focus on: Smiling and holding eye contact, relaxing your body and breathing, and keeping an open posture that is not threatening.

Tip 2: It’s important to listen carefully…conversation is 50 percent listening and 50 percent talking. Remember to keep your ears open.

Tip 3: While talking, be genuinely curious and engaged in the other person’s ideas. Your curiosity may come through as the way you ask questions and engage in eye contact and give non-verbal feedback (head nod, etc.).

Tip 4: Ways to start a conversation are to ask big open-ended questions that require the person you are talking to, to answer authentically. Put your real interests forward and share your view, reflect on your honest interests and ask more than just typical questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.

Tip 5: A great conversation starter and effective ice breaker questions can be anything related to pets, growing up, family, items they own, day-to-day activities, extracurricular activities, vacations/relaxation activities, learned skills, etc.

Note that questions about childhood, work topics, relationship topics, sports, food/drink, entertainment, personal feelings/moments/goals, preferences/likes/dislikes, and experiences can be ways to develop the conversation further.

Don’t script questions! Be original, unique and honest about yourself. Be sure to have a give-and-take conversation; let the person speak and when there is a moment of pause or thought, feel free to give your reaction. Be open and talkative and you will find that people genuinely open up more as you show friendliness, curiosity, authenticity and show healthy excitement about the topics being discussed.

Once you feel you have made a connection with the person and they seem to trust you, then you can identify desires and goals. These will help you transition into conversation about your objectives, goals, needs and desires for achieving your epic victories.

If there are unresolved issues, concerns or you feel not at ease about something; people notice these things. You need to learn to accept yourself, your past and your circumstances as they are, without feeling a sense of hurt or pain. Check to see if this pain is still relevant or applicable in your life today. Bounce back from mistakes and remember that no one is perfect. Even the most confident and out going people have insecurities. It’s okay to acknowledge a lack of something. But remember, it’s important that you use your energies for positive change. Life is full of bumps and bruises; remember to learn from them and use them to energize you toward your goals for positive change. By identifying your successes, you can discover great things about yourself. Focus on your talents and give yourself permission to take pride in them.

Ways to overcome unresolved issues, fears and adversity:

Inferiority is a state of mind where you have declared yourself a victim. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim, you are a survivor and deserve to be happy. Don’t romanticize pain, this only hurts you, drains you of your eternal energy, ages you and brings health problems. It may help at times to express your feelings through art, music, writing and find something you enjoy. These things will ease your mind and bring peace within. Enjoy your born talents and strengths! Remember you can develop and excel your abilities. By adding a variety of interests to your life, you will only become more confident and increase your chances of making epic victories count. Focus on what you would like to be doing, want to do, or what you do best; then build your self-confidence by celebrating your accomplishments in those areas. This will help you to become victorious in all that you do.

Always be thankful for what you have. A root of many insecurities is having the lack of confidence from not having enough or something that you want or desire. Acknowledge and appreciate what you do have and find the inner peace through your accomplishments and accepting the wonderful gifts you already have.

Be positive and avoid the need for sympathy from others. Others can only make you feel inferior, if you let them. Don’t loathe and belittle yourself, as others will believe and begin to treat you as such. Speak positive things about yourself, your life, your future and your progress. Project to others a feeling of your strengths and positive qualities; by doing so, you create a path of victory and reinforce positive thoughts and encourage your growth in a victorious direction.

When you receive compliments, accept them with grace and remember to look in the mirror and smile. You are worth every effort. Believe that you are worthy and are loved. Here at epic victories we care about you and there are millions of people in this world that will love you for who you are.

So look in the mirror and smile every day! You might be surprised what a smile can do. It can encourage your brain to register emotions and make you feel happier with yourself and more confident.

Remember to stick to your ethics and principles, help others around you, not be paralyzed by perfectionism – this can keep you from accomplishing your goals. Stick to the best vision of yourself with the best of your ability. You can be the positive force in the world. Boost your self-confidence, by closing your eyes and visualizing the best version of yourself that you aspire to be. When you feel insecure, go into the visualization process, write down your positive qualities and read them back to you. The words will become positive affirmation and your brain will respond.

Don’t be afraid to push yourself beyond your limits. Pressure can sometimes help you see how easily you can achieve things and will help you hone positive skills. Always be positive, surrounds yourself with positive and think positive…then the rest will become easier.

Simple-to-complex epic victories are achievable by just being yourself, being happy with yourself and being confident in your abilities.

Victorious life awaits you. Choose to live victoriously!