Life can be complicated at times, but staying happy through the tough times is often the hardest journey. It’s important that we change our thoughts and enjoy the little things. Norman Vincent Peale (US clergyman 1898-1993) once said, “change your thoughts and you change the world.” The life we live is often a reflection of our thoughts. If you desire success, success will follow if you believe and put your time into cultivating the fruit of what you wish to produce.

Any farmer can stir up emotions through his thoughts; if a farmer focuses on the tornadoes that could come sweeping in to destroy his crops, he might not ever get to producing them. You have to take the risk, do the hard work, believe that those tornadoes won’t come sweeping in and develop a plan to overcome them if they do. Don’t destroy your harvest by the negative thoughts that come wandering in; after all, the harvest could become mighty plentiful and yield many benefits.

It’s important that you help program your mind through a bit of self help. It’s important to make a list of what is stored in your mind.

– If you feel that you might fail because you don’t have the tools for success — THINK again — Failure can be the stepping stone to success. Plan your way through and make proper preparations. Make a list of your available resources and how to obtain resources you don’t have. If you have difficulty, brainstorm positive ways to overcome your emotional responses to your difficulties.


Don’t let excuses and impaired reality get in the way of your success.

Don’t let excuses and impaired reality get in the way of your success. Work on areas of self-esteem, planning, preparation and utilize the resources you have on hand. Remember, in order to be victorious you must rise above, build your strength and resilience in order to face hard challenges and adversity. Strength can only be captured from life experiences and one’s belief system. Don’t focus on negative thinking; those who fantasize over the negative are apt to give up and run away at the slightest pressure.

The beginning of an epic victory is when a person chooses to overcome. It’s important that they look beyond their suffering toward hope; ultimately, leading them closer toward living life victoriously! Life is a journey and it is all what you do with it, that matters the most.

If you are making excuses for yourself, telling yourself you are lacking skills to achieve greatness…think again! There are a lot of resources out there in this world waiting for us to tap into them. There are people who care and who are willing to reach out and lend a hand. Don’t be afraid to ASK! Get trained, equip yourself through support systems and utilize resources at your disposal to fill any gaps in skill development. Giving excuses is allowing yourself permission to have the wrong mindset. As long as you give excuses, you will never feel the need to excel.

Write down your thoughts when they come racing to your mind. Consider your vision! Goals! and Tasks!… Be sure to write them down.


You Can Do It, If You Put Your Mind to It.


Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Do this exercise to help you with your ‘negative’ thoughts: close your eyes, see the ‘negative’ thought clearly in your mind, visualize yourself putting it in a picture frame, then taking the picture and throwing it behind you. Visualize it flying up into the sun and get replaced by the positive thought.

I do this exercise on a daily basis, whether I am driving in my car and someone cuts me off OR when I feel a task is too hard for me to concur.

Altering your thought process, helps your mind to become reprogrammed for positive productive thinking.

Program your mind for achieving ‘positive’ things: Use positive affirmations or powerful affirmations to do this. Remind yourself often that ‘success’ is your birthright. That you are here for a ‘purpose’, to help become the ‘light’ in the world. Areas where you feel weakness, should now be reinforced with positive affirmations. Tell yourself — out loud in the mirror — I am a good communicator, I am confident of myself, I am a winner, and I am persistent to the end, no stone will be left unturned to make this project a success, etc.

Say self affirmations regularly and repeatedly with passion; until it gets locked into your subconscious mind.

Attitude is an individuals’ like or dislikes toward people, circumstances or things. Most often, people approach a task with negative attitudes. The way we approach a task with a level of happiness or dissatisfaction with life, can impact our state of mind. To function at an optimal level, it is important to function in a pleasant state of mind. A lot can be achieved if you have a passion for what you do.


Don’t fight against yourself, follow your heart and live your dream. When undertaking my career path, I had to begin to ask the big question in my life, “How can I be the difference and change I want to see in the world?” I believe that it’s important to live life with ‘NO Regrets’. I began living by this, after seeing my grandfather struggle with cancer. Upon the end of his life, there was still things he wished to do and things he wished to accomplish. I vowed to change that in my life and I began to treat – today – as if it were my last and I began to live my life without regrets.

Sometimes to live a dream, you need to start at the end. Figure out what you want to accomplish at the end of your life and work backward. Set a personal vision statement. Develop a vision; which, is the means of turning your life into a reality. This should be your road map to reach your desired destination. It often helps to focus your vision when it is formally stated and written down, so don’t be afraid to keep a journal.

A life without vision is like a city without roads and stop lights. What a world that would be! With lack of planning in our cities, it would just be a big mess with little path’s going in many directions. Be the architect of your city and construct your vision, but remember to construct it clearly.

All of us are passionate about something and have big dreams and aspirations. This is our “I have a dream moment” of the vision. Take your time and draw up a blueprint for the path you need to go in order to fulfill your ultimate dream. Not to sound causa mortis, but create somewhat of, what I would call, a “bucket list” or in other words…if I were to ‘KICK the bucket’ (die) tomorrow, what do I wish to accomplish?

Ask questions like:
What do you want most from life?
What are the goals you wish to accomplish?
What is the most important items you wish to accomplish in your lifetime?
What will I regret the most, if I don’t accomplish it by the end of this lifetime?

Prioritize and itemize each thing on your list, from most important to least. Be specific and create an outline of what you want. The next step in this is the visualization process of imagining in your mind those goals and ultimate achievements. Create the vision in your mind before it ever materializes. It is just a daydream, if all you do is create the vision and not act upon it. Be constructive and make the impossible, possible. Expand your boundaries and believe in yourself!

Begin to set short-term goals and keep them realistic. Put a time frame near them and test the waters to see where you stand. Be realistic in meeting your goals and don’t over extend yourself. Exhaustion in just the beginning of what could become your greatest enemy. Prepare adequately and commit yourself to the visualization. When in doubt, go back to “Visualizing your Dream” and see it before it happens. By keeping in touch with your visual imagery you will go far and not be led astray.

Set a goal to meet on person a month; someone in a field or career area similar to your vision. Support your goals by meeting people and reaching out to a support network. Delegate things to people when you might not be the expert and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

A good support system is important. Find mentors and others with like-minded objectives and goals. Good mentors provide guidance and help, when you need it the most. Their experience will help make the job less terrifying if you get into unfamiliar territory. Visualization on a day-to-day basis will keep you in touch with your end goals. Remember, there is power in positive affirmations!

Mentally prepare to put in a lot of hard effort and time. Don’t expect things to materialize overnight. This vision has become your ‘baby’, you have to nurture it and watch it grow. Reevaluate what needs to be done differently and work on it. Ultimately, do not react, but review and respond. This will focus your energies and emotions in the right place so you don’t get drained out.

Believe in yourself, do not judge yourself and be your own best friend. Celebrate the smallest achievements and be patient!

Just as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

My grandfather said it best, “Faith is action!” The power comes from having faith…it is paramount to any and ALL success! Believe and it will happen!

Live Victoriously!