Kristin Hopkins' car being removed after victim trapped inside.

Call it a miraculous rescue as 43-year-old Kristin Hopkins is found alive after crashing on a hillside. For 5 days, Hopkins fought to stay alive, waiting for someone to rescue her.

Here is the epic rescue:

Kristin Hopkins was traveling in her 2009 Chevrolet Malibu on a scenic highway. While traveling across central Colorado aspen grove, the 43-year-old single mother of four children went sailing down an 80 foot embankment, crashing her car and landing upside down.

For five days she waited to be rescued, with no food or water. In an attempt to gain attention, she wrote on a red-and-white umbrella, pushed it through a broken window of her car and opened it. The umbrella read, “six days, no food, no water, please help me; need a doctor, “says firefighter Jim Cravener.

Authorities reported that one motorist hiked down the steep hill from Red Hill Pass on US Highway 285 to find Hopkins body inside. He alerted authorities and rescuers came and removed her from the vehicle – she was found alive. According to, Cravener asked a colleague to break a window and search for a pulse. Upon breaking the window, she put her hand up to the window, “at that point it became a rescue,” Cravener said.

Hopkins was found critically injured and extremely dehydrated. According to the report, upon finding her “she didn’t talk a whole lot. She started to become less responsive as we carried her down the hill. We had to keep waking her up,” Cravener told MSN news.

She was flown by helicopter to St. Anthony Hospital in suburban Denver, Park County undersheriff Monte Gore said. She is expected to survive, but her feet will need to be amputated due to injuries sustained in the crash.

During the time she was trapped inside her vehicle on the pass, she was entered into a statewide police database as a missing person. Since she was an adult and no foul play could be found, no active search was conducted.

Hopkins family is thankful for prayers and thoughts. It was noted by rescuers that the spot where her car went down is not a common place for sightseers during this time of the year. They felt she had a strong will to survive and that this possibly is what helped her endure and consequently survive.

This epic rescue has saved the life of a single mother and reunited her with her family. Just when we think the impossible can’t happen, it’s does. The rescue crew is still amazed by this story and have dubbed it as being appropriate for the show ‘Shouldn’t be Alive’.


2. Associated Press Researcher Rhonda Shafner contributed to this report.
3. Associated Press Reporter Donna Bryson contributed to this report.