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“In the face of adversity, stand tall. In the midst of life’s turmoil, don’t give up or fall. When challenges seem to many, and the road seems to long to endure – remember that this is only temporary – the road will always clear.” – Epic Victories, Author: Kayla For those of you that seek more inspirational writing/poetry, here is a quote from my wonderful mother whom I adore. “Love’s highest purpose is not always to rescue and comfort us…but to challenge us, teach us, humble us, heal us and…

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Doctor’s Life After Death Experience

Life, Spiritual Victories

Here is the story: Wyoming surgeon, Dr. Mary C. Neal, faced life’s hardest challenge head on during a tragic kayak accident in Southern Chile. She is an experienced kayaker, but her experience wasn’t enough to help her escape the weight of a waterfall. With her body being tossed about like a rag doll from the turbulence, she broke both her legs and drowned. She was brought back to life, and wishes to tell her miraculous story with the world… Epic Victory: Dr. Mary C. Neal, M.D., is best known for…

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