“From this day on, when I look back on the past, I will smile and say to myself; I never thought I could do it…but I did what others thought was impossible…I overcame!” In moments when you felt it would be easier to give up than to rise above life’s challenges; How were you victorious?

Share your stories with the world to help other people overcome.

Choose Victory!

New Mexico Teen Writes Song’s to Overcome Bullying

Bullying Victories, Life

  Epic Victory: 15-year-old, Mariah Romero, writes song’s to help overcome bullying. Seeking to express her feelings from the mean comments and cruel actions of peers, Mariah began pouring out her feelings into words on paper. Those words led to her writing the ballad “Sometimes.” The Santa Fe High School teen, performed the song live with her band ICU, while taking part in the Summer Rock Camp 2011. The Summer Rock Camp is considered an learning environment for children to get a hands-on experience in music. Participants form a band,…

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Online Bullying: Anchor Overcomes Hurtful Comments from Viewer & Speaks Out

Bullying Victories, Life

* Epic Victory: Hurtful comments from a viewer turns into outpouring of support Epic Victory: Jennifer Livingston of WKBT-TV takes on weight “bully” on air. Here is the story: CBS affiliate anchor Jennifer Livingston of WKBT-TV, received a hurtful comment calling her fat from a viewer. This left Livingston’s husband, fellow WKBT anchor Mike Thompson, upset. He posted on his Facebook page and called the writer a bully. Moments later he began receiving massive support from people. In a newscast statement to viewers Thompson pointed out that she was aware…