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Sex Trafficking in America: A Survivors Story

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Leah Rogers had been lured into the sex industry by a man she thought she trusted. For six years she was victimized and harmed if she did not comply to demands. A sex trafficking sting operation led by police enforcement, led to her rescue. She has risen above to victory despite the challenges she has had in the past. She openly shared her story with us. She wishes to help others affected by sex trafficking. Leah warns the method of recruiting is the internet and social media. They are in…

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Epic Rescue – Car Crash: Found Alive after 5 days

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Call it a miraculous rescue as 43-year-old Kristin Hopkins is found alive after crashing on a hillside. For 5 days, Hopkins fought to stay alive, waiting for someone to rescue her. Here is the epic rescue: Kristin Hopkins was traveling in her 2009 Chevrolet Malibu on a scenic highway. While traveling across central Colorado aspen grove, the 43-year-old single mother of four children went sailing down an 80 foot embankment, crashing her car and landing upside down. For five days she waited to be rescued, with no food or water….

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