“From this day on, when I look back on the past, I will smile and say to myself; I never thought I could do it…but I did what others thought was impossible…I overcame!” In moments when you felt it would be easier to give up than to rise above life’s challenges; How were you victorious?

Share your stories with the world to help other people overcome.

Choose Victory!

9 Epic Parenting Wins – Battles to Victories!Featured

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Epic Victory: 9 Epic Parenting Win techniques that many parents have said helps them be successful and Win by preventing the epic parenting battles. Parenting can be challenging; though it does come with many wonderful memorable moments. These moments begin as early as a child learns to crawl – to the moments when you have to allow them to learn from the bumps and bruises that life might bring their way. Parenting comes with no manual and no tutorial to read when things (feelings) get broken and need mending. Differences in…

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Cami Lundeen: Inspiring Others Through Music

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Epic Victory: Inspiring story of hope and purpose. A life changing medical diagnosis and a will to live gave Cami Lundeen the desire to share her story and give hope through music. At the age of 32, Cami Lundeen, hasn’t let much stop her. As a wife, mother of four and singer/songwriter from Vashon, Washington; there is not much that can stand between her and chasing her dreams. Lundeen is pursuing her passion of inspiring others through music. Far beyond her smile and lyrics; she is a woman of strength….

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Jobs Bio: Hope, Hype & Apple i pads

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Here is the story: One of the world’s most famous CEO’s, Steve Jobs has literally changed the world. Steve Jobs is co-founder of Apple computer and has transformed personal computers and music consumption. Jobs also co-founded and served as chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios. His visionary work has changed the way we see technology today. Jobs brought Apple from plummeting losses to profitability by 1998. Most of Jobs’s life has been kept private to the world — wife and family, illegitimate daughter, father who gave him up for adoption,…

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