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Beyond Limits: Amputee Andre Kajlich is Inspiration to Others

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Here is the story: Andre Kajlich grew up in Edmonds, Washington. In 2003, was studying chemistry at a university in Prague, Czechoslovakia for six months. One night, after partying with buddies, he decided to return home, this would be the night that forever changed his life. A train conductor saw Andre lying on the subway tracks, but was unable to stop in time. Andre can’t remember details of what happened that night. He lost his legs that night, but not his will to fight. “The trauma, the recovery, was such…

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Wonderkid, Footless Soccer Prodigy

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Here is the story: 11-year-old, Gabriel Muniz from Rio De Janeiro Brazil was born with no feet and doesn’t let it get in the way of his dreams. No challenges is too big for Muniz; as demonstrated through his great perseverance and skill. The new wonderkid of football soccer is a prodigy. His awesome soccer skills is gaining attention of more than just his fellow classmates. While playing soccer in his home town, Spanish club’s Barcelona talent scouts saw Muniz out kicking the ball and considered his talent ‘amazing’. In…

Paralympic Record Breaker, Aimee Mullins Seeks to Redefine the Word “Disabled”

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Epic Victory: Paralympic Games Record Breaker, Aimee Mullins was born without fibular bones. After birth, her doctor gave her limited potential for her life; telling her parents that the prognosis would be that she would never walk and never have the quality of life as other children. When she was one year old, both of her legs were amputated below her knees. The doctor who delivered her, saved every newspaper clipping of every victory she had and was using it in his classes at Hahnemann Medical School and Hershey Medical…

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