Life Transformation Poem

“In the face of adversity, stand tall. In the midst of life’s turmoil, don’t give up or fall. When challenges seem to many, and the road seems to long to endure – remember that this is only temporary – the road will always clear.”

– Epic Victories, Author: Kayla

For those of you that seek more inspirational writing/poetry, here is a quote from my wonderful mother whom I adore.

“Love’s highest purpose is not always to rescue and comfort us…but to challenge us, teach us, humble us, heal us and change us.”

The Voice of the Spirit – S.G. Rose

“When we have been emotionally wounded, the speed with which we heal will be solely dependent upon our own capacity for love. Only when that force flows through us without reservation, from God to those who ‘trespassed against us,’ can our own healing process begin. The power and decision to end the pain, to bury it, or to hold on to it are contingent upon nothing and no one but ourselves. This is the beautiful, soul-stretching process of Love” (Love – which has the power to heal).   – S.G. Rose

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