Flying car taking off
Early electric car, 1800's

Early electric car, 1800’s

Imagine a world where there were no stop lights or construction traffic jams. Gritting your teeth through the chaotic bumper-to-bumper would then be a thing of the past – it might be closer than you think.

While communication and technology are advancing faster than ever, personal transportation has stayed consistent. Electric vehicles are still an old technology that has been dabbled in the last (almost) 200 years – with the introduction of the first electric vehicle by Robert Anderson of Aberdeen, Scotland in 1839. With driving speed and ranges still poor in electric vehicles even during the 1800’s, we still see average ranges of only around 200 miles per charge. Tesla Motors electric cars are proving to be cutting edge – but it still can use improvement with speed vs range distance.

Flying Car

Flying Car, Terrafugia TF-X

With fuel prices soaring and the lack of oil reserves – we are in need of a cutting-edge solution.

During the 1985 American science fiction comedy film, Back to the Future – viewers watched as many of them began asking the questions of the future of technology. What seemed to be impossible; is now reality – thanks to improved engineering and manufacturing techniques of today.

A new conceptual version of a flying car was recently unveiled by the New England aviation company . The flying car, TF-X model, incorporates autonomous functionality. The TF-X is hybrid model with full independent functionality – all you need to do is tell it where to go and it will drive for you. Equipped with an electric motor and a 300hp engine, this flying car is sure to turn heads. The engine recharges the batteries and can fly at speeds of up to 200 mph with a range of up to 500 miles. Terrafugia developers hope this new flying car will open up the skies to everyone.



Terrafugia  believes, “we need the safety of commercial aviation, the convenience and flexibility of a car, and the freedom of the open sky.” Terrafugi intends to the be the leader of the flying car industry.

Terrafugia is derived from the Latin word for “Escape the Earth.”

Terrafugia has plans to sell the new TF-X model to the public as early as 2015.


The first 20-minute public demonstration was held on Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 in Oshkosh, WI. Chief Test Pilot Phil Meteer was along for the drive and historic experience.



Electric, gas, and hybrid are all exciting innovations – with both advantages and disadvantages. Current modes of transportation are chosen on the basis of cost, capability, route and speed.

With cars being introduced to the air – there will be question on how to monitor and ensure safety for everyone.

Modern technology has allowed many amazing advancements and they all work to improve and enhance human-power and the experience.

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Moller International M400

Moller International M400

Another flying car currently in development is the Moller skycar. Moller International’s team of developers and engineers are working hard to make their new skycar innovative and competitive; with 2 prototypes and several more underway, they have a mission to design the most efficient all-purpose vehicles.

Paul S. Moller, from Southeastern British Columbia Canada, teamed up with Dr. Barry Newman, a world famous aeronautic professor at McGill University. Together they have been working to pursue the dream of creating the skycar. They are currently working to make a vehicle that is feasible, affordable and one that can meet world demands to replace the automobile.

Paul S. Moller inside prototype skycar

Paul S. Moller inside prototype skycar

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